Ending On-line Forum on follow-up to Decade for HRE

Dear Friends,

We would like to personally thank listserv members for contributing to the
on-line Forum on the follow-up to the UN Decade for Human Rights Education
(1995-2004), sponsored by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human
Rights (OHCHR).

The moderators are also grateful for your patience in enduring what was a
high message load during this period. In the next weeks, they will make
available the final summaries of the Forum (in English, French, Russian
and Spanish).

As may you know, OHCHR is preparing a report to the UN Commission on Human
Rights (Geneva, 17 March-25 April 2003), which will propose strategies for
the follow-up to the Decade. The recommendations shared by listserv
members within the on-line Forum will be considered for this report, along
with input received from governments, national human rights institutions
and intergovernmental organisations. The report (document symbol:
E/CN.4/2003/101) will be shared with you once it is published.

We hope that this effort will contribute to advancing our common cause,
and we wish all of us a fruitful new year.

Elena Ippoliti, OHCHR
Felisa Tibbitts, HREA

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