Re: Follow-up to the Decade at the international level

Dear George, Roselyn, Cristina and other colleagues,

I wish also to react to George Kent's message, regarding government's
participation in HRE. During the dictatorial regimes in Latin America, the
NGOs started the work on HRE. Obviously, the governments, that were the main
violators of human rights, didn't participate in HRE. HRE was forbidden and
dangerous. With the recovering of democracy almost all the countries have
introduce HRE in the formal curriculum. NGOs, in spite of financial
problems were continuing doing important work. However, I have the
feeling that governments are scared or devoted to other objectives and
are not fully committed to HRE. It has always been my opinion that without
the full participation of the governments in HRE, we, the NGOs will not  be
able to reach all the teachers and students. My question is why the
Ministries of Education are fully responsible to advance language,
mathematics and science and not human rights?

With love

Abraham Magendzo

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:09:43 -1000, George Kent <> wrote:

  >NGOs are doing great work on human rights education, but we need to think
  >about how that work can be strengthened. One major issue, of course, is
  >funding. Can we find new and better ways to fund the work? How can the
  >support level be raised to a higher level, and how can it be made more
  >systematic? One approach would be to seek more grants. Another approach
  >might be to think about what we can offer on a fee-for-service basis, such
  >as teaching, or perhaps working with "clients" in addressing their
  >particular human rights issues.
  >In this context, I would like to see serious discussion of when and how
  >business enterprises should, or should not, be viewed as potential
  >funding resources. The ethical dilemmas are very serious. However,
  >I think that when we "just say no", we evade, rather than address,
  >those dilemmas.

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