Atlas of War and Peace

Robin Cook Launches The Atlas of War and Peace

Published by Earthscan and written by Dan Smith, O.B.E (Senior Adviser and
former Director of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo,
Norway), THE ATLAS OF WAR AND PEACE provides a global overview of the
causes and consequences of war today and the dynamics of peacemaking.

To mark this launch Earthscan are currently offering a SPECIAL 10%

Praised by Cook as a 'fascinating and impressive book' it maps the
problems of war and the challenges of peace in the 21st century.

'A new kind of visual journalism... this book comes with a flavour of
originality hard to find in publishing today' NEW SCIENTIST

Its unique format of full colour, easy-to-use maps and graphics gives
shape and meaning to the statistics. This makes it an indispensable
resource for understanding the world we live in.

You can view sample pages at:

The Atlas analyses current wars, their backgrounds, their trends and their
prospects on every continent, covering such key issues as:

*	 The causes of war 
*	US power 
*	Peace treaties 
*	Death tolls 
*	Landmines 
*	Oil, power and war 
*	AIDS and conflict 
*	International terrorism 
*	The role of the UN 
*	The arms trade 
*	Refugees 
*	Child soldiers 
*	War crimes and the law 
*	Peacebuilding 

For more information and to save 10% visit:

To view sample pages visit:

To View other books in the Atlas Series visit:

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