China: Government drops plan to ban anonymous blogging but imposes self-discipline

Press release RSF 
28 May 2007 

Reporters Without Borders takes note of a bill posted, on 22 May, on the
website of the Internet Society of China, an offshoot of the information
industries ministry, under which blog services will be encouraged but not
forced to adopt a system for registering bloggers by their real names.
Under an initial draft, it would have been mandatory for bloggers to
register under their real names. The ISC said it was posting the bill in
order to canvass the public's views.

"Self-discipline is now being extended to blogging although it has already
had disastrous effects on the quality of news and information available
online in China," Reporters Without Borders said. "We will continue to
defended full freedom for bloggers."

President Hu Jintao and the Communist Party political bureau met on 23
April to discuss how to improve control over the Internet, saying they
wanted to "purify" it. The rapid growth in Internet use in China is
worrying the authorities and they have been trying to regulate it by all
means possible. China is still on the Reporters Without Borders list of
the world’s 13 Internet enemies. Of the 68 cyber-dissidents
currently imprisoned worldwide, 50 are in China.

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