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Dear all, 

Hereby two vacancies for Content Managers for two different resource
centres for two different programmes of the Humanist Committee on
Human Rights from the Netherlands.

Feel free to circulate, 

Kind regards, 
Jan de Vries 

Jan de Vries 
Humanist Committee on Human Rights 
P.O. Box 114 
3500 AC Utrecht 
The Netherlands 
tel.: +31 30 233 40 27 
fax: +31 30 236 71 04 
email: <        >

Visit the Human Rights Impact Resource Centre: 


*Vacancy announcement *
To contribute to its programme Human Rights Impact Resource Centre,
*the **Netherlands** Humanist Committee on Human Rights (
*is seeking a
* *
*Officer Content Management Human Rights Impact Resource Centre (f/m,
The Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights (HOM) is an
independent human rights organisation. We are committed to
contributing to the worldwide realisation of human rights. We have
projects for capacity enhancement of human rights organisations in
Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. We also
develop instruments to measure effects on human rights (Human Rights
Impact Assessment). These instruments assist NGOs, governments and
companies to predict and evaluate the way in which their policies
impact on human rights. HOM has programmes in the following fields:
women&rsquo;s human rights, human rights and business, human rights
in European policies and enforced disappearances. 
In the period from 2007 to 2010 HOM aims to enhance the development
and use of instruments for Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) by
various groups of stakeholders. The online Human Rights Impact
Resource Centre, which was launched in 2006, plays an essential role
in this respect ( 
Human Rights Impact Resource Centre
The Resource Centre is an online platform for the gathering and
exchange of information about HRIA. Stakeholders include among others
NGOs, international organisations, policy makers, human rights
experts and companies. The Resource Centre offers possibilities to
get in contact with others engaged in HRIA issues, as well as
specific information about instruments and case studies and an
overview of interesting links and organisations. In the four years to
come the Resource Centre will be expanded with online working groups
and discussion groups, training modules and enhanced possibilities
for cooperation with other organisations. 
In order to guarantee as much as possible the input of different
stakeholders, HOM takes a participatory approach in this process. In
2007 an Advisory Group will be set up, through which stakeholder
influence on the substantial and technological direction of the
Resource Centre will be realised. Moreover, Content Editing Groups
will be set up, which will enable stakeholders to add information to
the Resource Centre themselves.
The promotion of the Resource Centre and of HOM&rsquo;s work on HRIA
runs parallel to the substantial and technological development of the
Resource Centre. Promotion is conducted through networking and
participation in relevant conferences, workshops and training. HOM
organises a yearly international conference where stakeholders can
share their knowledge and information in the field of HRIA. 
The Resource Centre plays a central role in the organisation as a
whole, in the sense of mutual strengthening and exchange of impact
assessment-related activities of the other HOM programmes (human
rights and business, women&rsquo;s human rights, enforced
disappearances and human rights in European policies). The Resource
Centre enables them to exchange information and collaborate through
virtual working spaces and discussion groups.
Under supervision of the Programme Manager Human Rights Impact
Resource Centre, the Officer will be responsible for the following

 Manage the information content of the Resource Centre, which
includes among others the following activities: analyse and enter
relevant information; search for new information; foster
relationships and initiate contacts with new stakeholders in order to
receive information; keep the information on the Resource Centre up
to date;
 Handle requests for information about the Resource Centre and about
Human Rights Impact Assessment in general;
 Contribute to the preparation and implementation of interim needs
analyses among (potential) users of the Resource Centre, as well as
 Foster relationships with various stakeholders, other resource
centres and relevant websites;
 Set up Content Editing Groups (comprising various stakeholders that
add information to the Resource Centre) and provide them with
training and assistance;
 Facilitate the use of the Resource Centre by other HOM programmes,
among others by providing training on the functioning of the Content
Management System;
 Contribute to the preparation and organisation of a yearly
 Contribute to the further development of the Resource Centre;
 Point out problems and opportunities, and advise the programme
manager about possible adjustments and/or possibilities for


 Academic qualifications (degree in law or international relations);
experience with literature search and web search (apart from thesis);
 3 years experience in the field of:
 human rights and impact assessment methodologies;
 textual analysis, text editing, drafting accessible texts for
websites and other external communications;
 fostering relationships and networking with various stakeholders,
such as NGOs, academics, governments and companies;
 knowledge transfer and training;
 organisation of meetings (seminars, conferences);
 knowledge management, website administration and resource centres;
 Excellent communication skills;
 Excellent English language skills, both oral and written; sufficient
knowledge of Dutch; knowledge of other languages (Spanish, French)
would be an advantage;
 Sound knowledge of Word; knowledge of Content Management Systems
would be an advantage.

What we offer

 A fixed-term contract for 32 hours a week (until December 31st 2007)
with the possibility of prolongation into a permanent contract, if
performance is good and sufficient funds are available;
 Salary depending on education and experience between &euro;2.462 and
&euro;3.410 per month in a full time employment (36 hours);
 A stimulating professional environment with much room for own

How to apply
Please send your CV and application letter, *including &ldquo;Officer
Content Management HRIRC&rdquo; in the subject line*,before April 8th
2007 to Jan Perdaems (**), manager of internal
affairs. For additional information please contact Marike Radstaake,
programme manager (030-2334027). 


*Vacancy announcement *
To contribute to its programme on Enforced Disappearances LINKING
*the **Netherlands** Humanist Committee on Human Rights (HOM) *is
seeking a
* *
*Officer Content Management Linking Solidarity (m/f, 18 hpw)*
The Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights (Humanistisch
Overleg Mensenrechten, HOM) is an independent human rights
organisation. We are committed to contributing to the worldwide
realisation of human rights. We have projects for capacity
enhancement of human rights organisations in Latin-America, Africa,
the Middle-East, Asia and Europe. We also develop instruments to
measure effects on human rights. 
HOM has programmes on: women&rsquo;s human rights, human rights and
business, the human rights policy of the European Union and enforced
*The Programme Linking Solidarity*.
The Linking Solidarity programme works on the human rights violation
of /enforced disappearances:/ these are cases in which policemen,
soldiers or other State authorities participate in making a person
"disappear", often through abduction, followed by the denial of
having any responsibility in the case or any information about the
fate or whereabouts of the vanished person.
The programme facilitates exchange and cooperation between
organisations of family members of disappeared around the world.
Linking Solidarity is implemented in close consultation with
federations of family member organisations such as the Asian
Federation against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD) and the
Federation of Latin American Associations of Families of
Disappeared-Detainees (FEDEFAM).
The programme Linking Solidarity is in the process of extending its
activities, budget and staff. The programme will improve its function
as a focal point that facilitates exchanges, searches for and
distributes information, provides incentives, ideas, and advice on
all relevant questions concerning enforced disappearances. The
programme is engaging in an ambitious capacity enhancement programme
for families associations as well as for other relevant stakeholders
in the struggle against enforced disappearances. The programme is
conducting a dialogue about the development of tools for the
effective monitoring of the right not to be disappeared. The
capacity-enhancement activities of the project &ldquo;Linking
Learning Acting&rdquo; (LiLA) focus on the abilities of these
stakeholders to use the international legal means of protection from
enforced disappearances. Another broad range of activities focuses on
strengthening families associations through skills training for staff
and members and enhancement of the organisational capacities and the
abilities to be effective at the institutional level. 
To assist these capacity enhancement activities an online resource
centre will be developed, providing data on disappearances such as
country situation reports, international instruments, testimonies,
training materials, etc. 
*The position*
Under the direct supervision of Programme Manager, the Officer
Content Management will be assigned to the following tasks:
&middot; Coordinate the completion of the development of the online
resource centre (including the requirements specifications, system
development and deployment), in collaboration with the external site
&middot; Content Management: search, select, write and edit
information to add to the data base of the Resource centre.
&middot; Content Management: initiate and foster relationships with
partners, stakeholders and other information resources.
&middot; Promotion of the Resource centre.
&middot; Promotion of the use of the Resource centre among
&middot; Moderate discussions between participants in the virtual
&middot; Provide advice on request from users of the resource centre.
&middot; Acquire and maintain written and audio/video files for the
resource centre.
&middot; Serve as liaison between users and the team of the
&middot; Take adequate measures for the maintenance and improvement
of the resource centre, both in terms of content and technical
&middot; Contribute to the creation of training materials and
informative materials (as for example the Linking Solidarity
&middot; Participate in the implementation of a few other activities
of the programme.
&middot; Collaborate with other resource centres, externally as well
as internally.
&middot; Relevant working experience in the area of information
management and internet communication.
&middot; Knowledge of human rights issues (specific knowledge on
disappearances and/or treaty monitoring bodies will be considered an
&middot; Relevant experience with the work of human rights NGOs will
also be considered an asset.
&middot; Capability to translate complex issues and documents into
user-friendly information.
&middot; Analytical and research skills.
&middot; Strong written communication skills in English and another
language of relevance to the Programme (Spanish, French, Russian,
&middot; Sufficient communication skills in Dutch (at least a passive
command required).
&middot; Experience in working with potentially sensitive
&middot; Ability to work within a multi-cultural environment and
sensitivity to diversity among counterparts.
&middot; Ability to handle information with sound judgement and
&middot; Pro-active.
&middot; Willingness to get acquainted with the technicalities of the
resource centre (backside management of the site).
HOM offers:
- A pleasant, enthusiastic and stimulating professional environment
- A part-time contract (18 hours a week) with possibility for
prolongation after one year.
- Salary depending on education and experience between 2235, - Euro
and 2865, - Euro for a full time employment (36 hours)
- Other secondary conditions include: daily transport allowance (for
residence-office commuting up to 50 km), contribution to pension and
children day-care allowance.
Location Utrecht, the Netherlands
Additional Information/Applications.
For more information, please contact Mr. Jan Perdaems, Financial and
Human Resources Manager, or consult our website: 
For application send your application letter as well as a curriculum
vitae with reference to *&lsquo;Officer Content Management Linking
Solidarity&rsquo;* to: HOM, Postbus 114, 3500 AC Utrecht, The
Netherlands. Tel: 030- 2334027 Fax : 030-2367104. E-mail: <>
Deadline for application: April 8th 2007. 


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