2004 Southeast Asia Press Fellowship

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Towards an Information Society in Southeast Asia

The South East Asia Press Alliance (SEAPA) is inviting Asean journalists
to apply for a five-week fellowship exchange program. The program
scheduled between May 23-June 30, 2004 will grant opportunity for the
participants to do stories either in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the
Philippines and Thailand.

Towards an Information Society in Southeast Asia, the program is the third
of its kind.  The program's goal is to help Southeast Asian journalists to
better understand the cross-border impacts and challenges, brought upon by
information and communication technologies on the society and the media.
How technology shapes the way the media cover stories, professionally and

The media will need to understand its important role in helping build up a
sustainable information society in Southeast Asia where access to
information is uneven.

This year, the program can accommodate between 10-12 fellows. The results
of the reporting will be published or broadcasted by their respective news
organizations well as SEAPA web site.

According to the program, participants will attend a five-day introduction
in Bangkok in the last week of May after which they will go to their
destination country to work on stories of their interests, which is not
their own country.

Applicants should be working journalists with at least five years working
experience either as a freelancer or a staff in news organizations, proven
skills in writing and speaking English. Eligible countries cover Burma,
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand

They are required to send a 500-word letter identifying themselves as well
as describing their interested projects relate to the program title, and
five samples of their works related to the theme to secretariat of SEAPA
in Bangkok not later than March 31, 2004.

The last fellowship program was being held from May 19-June 26, 2003 and
attended by six fellows from Philippines and Indonesia and one each from
Malaysia and Thailand. SEAPA will provide fellows with the logistical
support as well as news organization to be their hosts.

SEAPA is founded in 1998 by Indonesia's Alliance of Independent
Journalists and the Institute for the Studies on Free Flow of Information,
the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, the Manila-based
Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility and the Thai Journalists

For more details of the previous programs, please visit SEAPA web site at

Secretariat Address:

Southeast Asian Press Alliance
538/1 Samsen Rd. Dusit
Bangkok 10300 Thailand
Tel/fax: 62-2-243-5579
Email: seapa@seapabkk.org
Website: www.seapabkk.org

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