Anti-censorship software donation

Dear Fellow Activists,

The concern over privacy as a component of human rights and freedom is
not new but has been exacerbated in the connected digital world. The
fear of intrusion and "big brother" in networked society is well
placed, and not sign of paranoia, but a well placed concern.

Primedius Corp ( develops powerful technologies to
enable global access to public information. Many legitimate and vital
websites like yours are blocked and censored by repressive governments
and network administrators. Our anonymous secure browsing services
allows any site on the internet to be accessible from anywhere in the

Our free software (WebTunnel ~1MB) allows sites like yours to pass
through even when access to these URLs and Primedius itself is
blocked. We want to include you in our safe list of allowed sites, so
that people do not have to pay to access your site.

If you would like to contribute towards promoting free speech, human
rights, democracy, privacy, and free access to public information
please visit our Affiliates page ( to
out how you can contribute to the Primedius Peer Network. The free
version of WebTunnel that enables this powerful medium of information
distribution can be downloaded from

In return for inclusion in our safe list, all we ask, is that you
provide a permanent link from your website to ours. It could be an
image or just a text link, or even a short news article.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Primedius Admin

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