Global Conference of Citizens Network
The Global CN congress is the annual meeting of the community networks from
all over the world, as well as of people from different sectors interested
in their promotion. These networks are new forms of civic associations in
the digital era. They play an extremely important role in the strengthening
of social networks, in any given populationīs access to the knowledge and
work opportunities of the Information Society, in citizensī participation in
local policy making, in the generation of better working conditions, and in
the creation of companies with new production and service profiles.
These issues will be discussed at the II World Congress of Citizen Networks
- Global CN 2001 to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between December 5
and 7, 2001. The event will gather members of the community, governmental,
political, academic, and business sectors involved in the promotion of these
citizen networks, around a clear theme: "Renewing communities in the Digital

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