Re: Human rights-based approaches to education

Dear Clare,

We have also been investigating the use of right based approaches 
particularly as it relates to health programs.  We convened a conference on 
this topic early this year and have developed a database of presentations 
that were given, some of which relate to education.  They are available via 
our database at .  I would 
recommend searching by key word "education".  Then you can read the 
particular abstracts and find contact information for the authors.

Best of luck.


Dabney Evans, MPH, CHES
1525 Clifton Road, Office 108
Rollins School of Public Health
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone: 404.727.3061 Fax: 404.727.8768

On Monday, 19 September 2005, Clare Magill wrote:

>We are developing a set of guidelines and examples where education 
planning and programming is >being undertaken from a rights-based approach.
>If you can provide examples or suggest initiatives please contact:

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