Thailand: Not so smiling to its indigenous hill tribes

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Index: Review/81/2005
Embargoed for: 13 July 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached the latest issue of the ACHR REVIEW titled "Thailand:
Not so smiling to its indigenous hill tribes". Due to some technical
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For the first time, Thailand comes up for hearing before the United Nations
Human Rights Committee on 19-20 July 2005. The denial of the right to
nationality to the indigenous hill tribes should become one of the most
critical issues.

The hill tribes continue to be issued different colours of identity cards.
Each colour reflects racial discrimination and violation of the right to
freedom of movement in the name of  "maintaining the security of the State,
public order, public welfare, town and country planning or welfare of the

The hill tribes have been disproportionate victims of the socalled Master
Plan for Highland Community Development, War Against Drug Lords, forced
evictions and other socalled natural and forest conservation activities.
The UN Human Rights Committee should address institutionalized
discrimination against the hill-tribes.

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Suhas Chakma

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