New publication "Changing Citizenship: democracy and inclusion in education"

Dear colleagues,

At last our new book has arrived. You can mail order direct from CCHRE via
the link below and please think of adding to bibliographies and course

CCHRE is pleased to announce our latest publication: "Changing
Citizenship;  democracy and inclusion in education" by Audrey Osler,
Director of CCHRE and Hugh Starkey, Senior Lecturer in Education,
Institute of Education, University of London.  Published by the Open
University Press, April 2005.

Visit our website where you can order the
publication directly on-line as well as our other publications from the
e-shop.  Just click on the link 'Order Centre Publications' where you will
find full details of all the books as well as the opportunity to purchase

For those that would like further information or for any enquiries please
contact us on telephone 0113 343 4586 or via email at

Good wishes


Dr Hugh Starkey
Course leader for MA Citizenship /History Education by distance learning
School of Arts & Humanities
University of London Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way,
London WC1H 0AL
Room 930c
Internal telephone: ext. 9507
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7947 9507 (direct)

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