New publication on CEDAW

Dear friends,

PLD Announces new publication on CEDAW CEDAW: Restoring Rights to Women*

This publication is a step towards developing an easily understandable and
user friendly resource on CEDAW while retaining its complexities. It covers
foundational principles of CEDAW and provides tools to enhance the
capability of the user to
apply the Convention in different contexts and at any level. A description
of the contents of the publication is attached.

We are confident that this publication would be a useful resource in the
work of wide ranging agencies and actors working towards furthering and
implementing women's rights. Copies are available with Partners for Law in
Development. Both single and
bulk orders can be placed with us at:

Partners for Law in Development
F-18, First Floor,
Jangpura Extension
New Delhi -110014
Tel. No.-24316832/33

* Published by PLD and UNIFEM



Human Rights: From General to Specific           11
* Basic Features of Human Rights                        11
* Barriers to Women's Rights within
          the Dominant Human Rights Framework             13

Making Women Human                              17
* Journey Towards Equality                              18
* Constituents of CEDAW                         20

The Foundational Framework of CEDAW             23
* Equality                                      23
* Non-Discrimination/ Discrimination                    27
* State Obligation                                      32

Scope and Coverage of CEDAW                     37
* Substantive Coverage in Articles                      38
* Defining Features of CEDAW                            45
* Conclusion                                    49

* Glossary                                      50
* Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
          Discrimination Against Women                    53

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