ICRC summer courses on international humanitarian law

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The International Committee of the Red Cross' annual Summer courses on
International Humanitarian Law provide a comprehensive introduction to the
subject through a combination of lectures and case studies.

The next anglophone course, organized with the Polish Red Cross, will be
held in Warsaw, Poland, from 2-12 July 2007

The next francophone course, organized with the French Red Cross, will be
held in Modane, France, from 3 to 12 September 2007

Both the English and the French courses are open to advanced students as
well as young professors and researchers from Europe and North America.
The French speaking course is also open to participants from the Middle

Participants are expected to have a degree in law or international
relations and to have studied public international law.

Interested persons should contact the Headquarters of the National Red
Cross or Red Crescent Societies of their country of residence from
mid-April to mid-May for information on how to apply.

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