First International Education for Peace Conference (Vancouver, 14-17 November 2007)

Announcing the First International Education for Peace Conference-2007:
Strategies for Building a Civilization of Peace at Granville Island in
Vancouver, B.C., Canada (14-17 November 2007)

Conference Mission: 

The primary goal of the conference is to contribute to the worldwide
efforts to create a civilization of peace. Essential to this undertaking
is life-long peace education at home, in schools, and in the community,
with its focus on the integral role of all members of society-children,
youth, and adults-and with the equal participation of women and men in the
administration of human affairs. Through the sharing of advanced research
findings and proven effective strategies for creating peace at all levels
of human society and interactions, the conference offers the participants
the opportunity to explore ways of creating environments-families,
schools, and communities-built on the foundations of a culture of peace, a
culture of healing, and a culture of excellence: the three requisites of a
civilization of peace.

Guest speakers include: 

a.. Prof. Zvi Beckerman, School of Education, Melton Center, Hebrew
University, Jerusalem, Israel 
b.. Dr. Claire McGlynn, School of Education, Queen's University,
Belfast, Ireland 
c.. Prof. Gavriel Salomon, Co-Director of the Center for Research on
Peace Education University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel 
d.. Dr. Rosemarie Stallworth-Clarke, President, AERA Peace Education
e.. Prof. Dan Rae, Georgia Southern University, Co-Chairperson,
Annual National Youth-At-Risk Conference, Savannah, Georgia, USA 
f.. Prof. Alan Smith, UNESCO Chair, University of Ulster, Northern
g.. Prof. H.B. Danesh, Founder and President, EFP-International,
Vancouver, Canada 
h.. Dr. Roshan Danesh, Adjunct Professor, EPU, Austria and President,
i.. Frank Borowicz QC, Chairman & Chief Elected Officer, Vancouver
Board of Trade 

Full Conference information can be found at: 

Register now to participate in this important inaugural event! Please
circulate to your co-workers, networks, and others who might be interested
in participating.

Questions can be directed to: 

Stacey Makortoff 
Conference Committee 
Tel: +1-604-639-7910 
Conference Web: 

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