LL.M in Human Rights with emphasis on transitional justice (University of Ulster, 2007/2008)

Dear friends, 

The Transitional Justice Institute (with the School of Law) at the
University of Ulster in Northern Ireland invites applications for its LLM
in Human Rights Law commencing September 2007.

Building on Northern Ireland experiences, this innovative Masters
programme offers students a unique opportunity to examine the role of
human rights law in post-conflict transitions - both locally and

Modules address a range of timely themes including: challenges to
realising the human rights and equality of women and minority groups;
critical perspectives on the 'rule of law' and policing in transitions;
human rights and the ongoing 'war on terror'; human rights and
humanitarian interventions; globalisation, development and human rights;
and human rights of indigenous peoples.

Because the LLM programme pays special attention to the relationship
between social and economic inequalities and the law in transitions, it is
likely to be of particular interest to list subscribers.

Students may pursue their studies on a full or part-time basis at either
the Jordanstown (Belfast) or Magee (L/Derry) campus. See
www.transitionaljustice.ulster.ac.uk for more details on TJI and the LLM
programme. For information on Northern Ireland see

The deadline for applications is Friday June 29 2007. However, all
prospective students, especially international candidates, are strongly
urged to submit applications by Thursday 29 March 2007 in order to enhance
the possibility of successful applicants securing funding to enable their

To apply online please go to: www.ulster.ac.uk/applyonline

Applications received before June 27,2007 will be given priority. However,
applications received after that date may also be considered.

If you are interested in applying for a place in the programme, please
consult the following links to find out more about possible sources of
funding to support your participation in the TJI LLM programme:

1. The Women's Leaderhsip Scholarship (Pre-Application Deadline: March 23
2007) http://www.nativeleaders.org/

The Women's Leadership Scholarship (WLS) program (formerly the Native
Leadership Scholarship) creates educational opportunities for women
activists, grassroots leaders, and organizers from the Global South and/or
from indigenous groups. WLS invests in women's leadership by supporting
non-doctoral graduate education in human rights, sustainable development,
and public health in many places around the world.

2. British Chevening Scholarships Programme (Open deadline)

Chevening scholarships are funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth
Office and administered by the British Council. The programme provides
around 2,300 new scholarships each year for postgraduate studies or
research at UK Institutions of Higher Education.

3. George Mitchell Scholarship (For 2008/09)  

The US-Ireland Alliance sponsors a competitive, national scholarship for
graduate study by American citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 at
institutions of higher learning on the island of Ireland.

4. Transitional Justice Institute - Postgraduate Funding Opportunities

5. Funding for International Students (Official UK Graduate Careers

For further information on the LLM in Human Rights Law at either campus,
please contact:

Ms Emer Carlin 
Secretary,Transitional Justice Institute, Magee campus, 
BT48 7JL, Northern Ireland 
Tel: + 44 (0) 28 7137 5146 
Fax: + 44 (0) 28 7137 5184 
Email: LLM@ulster.ac.uk 

Kind regards, 

Niamh Reilly 
Course Director - LL.M Human Rights Law 
Transitional Justice Institute 
University of Ulster 
Tel: +44 (0)28 713 75051 
Fax: +44 (0)28 713 75184 

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