Master of Arts in Gender and Peacebuilding 2007-2008 (University for Peace, Costa Rica)

Dear Colleagues: 

University for Peace with great pleasure announces its forthcoming Master
of Arts in Gender and Peacebuilding:

The Master of Arts in Gender and Peacebuilding is composed of eleven
intertwining courses and a thesis project that offers a combination of
theoretical and practical knowledge, incorporating historic and current
events from around the world. The Programme is distributed over a
three-term timeline (two semesters and one research term). Courses will be
taught in intensive three week time periods requiring 45 hours of class
work under the guidance of a highly qualified professor and recognized
international guest lecturers. During the final term, students are
expected to finalize their work at UPEACE main campus through the
completion of a Thesis. In order to receive the Master of Arts Degree in
Gender and Peacebuilding, students must complete a total of 40 credits,
which includes a written thesis

The Programme for the academic year 2007-2008 is composed of ten courses

PCS-6000: Foundation Course in Peace and Conflict Studies 
GPB-6011: Gender Studies and Peacebuilding 
GPB-6020: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods 
GPB-6045: Gender, Security and Peacebuilding 
GPB-6030: Cultures and Learning: From Violence towards Peace 
GPB-6090: A Gender Analysis of the Environment and Sustainable Development 
GPB-6010: Gender, Peace and Non-violent Transformation of Conflict 
GPB-6022: Gender mainstreaming in peacekeeping operations and in 
humanitarian assistance 
GPB-6060: Human Rights before, during and after conflict 
GPB-6050: Practices of conflict management and peacebuilding 

Application deadline is March 31, 2007. 

For more details and the application procedure can be found on our
website ( ) 

Come and live for eleven months a unique multicultural experience in
a privileged Campus surrounded by last remnant of primary forest in
the Central Valley of Costa Rica. 
The first country in the modern world to abolish its army. 

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