OHCHR Database on Human Rights Education and Training

Dear listserv members,

We are pleased to inform you that OHCHR Database on Human Rights Education
and Training, revised and updated, is now available on-line through
OHCHR's website at http://hre.ohchr.org .

The database facilitates access to human rights education and training
programmes, materials and institutions worldwide.

The section on programmes includes, inter alia, information on
professional training courses, summer schools, university courses and
distance learning programmes on human rights and related areas, such as
humanitarian law, peacekeeping, governance or administration of justice.

The database provides details about a wide range of institutions -
academic, governmental and non-governmental, international, regional and
national - engaged in human rights education and training activities. The
"programmes" and "institutions" sections can be searched by name, type of
institution/programme, geographical focus, target group, country, and
language. The section on materials, which is linked to OHCHR Library
catalogue, includes information on existing manuals, trainers' guides,
textbooks, curricula, audiovisuals and other pedagogical tools for human
rights education and training produced worldwide. The database can be
navigated in English, French and Spanish.

We hope you will find the database useful to locate human rights education
and training resources and expertise. We appreciate receiving relevant
information on programmes, institutions or materials that could be added,
at the address hredatabase@ohchr.org .

Other information on United Nations human rights education and training
resources and programmes is available at
http://www.ohchr.org/english/issues/education/training/index.htm .

Kind regards. 
Mosfeka Chowdhury / Elena Ippoliti 
Methodology, Education and Training Unit 
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) 

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