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Hi all, 

I would like to express my appreciation of what you all wrote under this
topic and stress the importance of what Sainabou Jaye wrote on linking
human rights values to a certain cultural situation. This is crucial
especially when working in places like the Middle East and North Africa.
Though I do agree with many of you also that culture is not a static
entity and that it is ever changing, but that does not in any case imply
an evolution towards enhanced values or values more or less the same as
universal human rights values. Moreover, religious values have a high
impact on culture and the formulation of its values as well as the
dynamics of change and presents one major player in this discussion. Note
that many cultures may exist under the umbrella of one religion, yet a set
of unchanging values may persist amongst them, added to these may be some
culturally variable values. What may be one of the main challanges is the
way we approach those unchanging values, think and let think of them, and
at the same avoiding patronizing people believing in them. It is the hell
of a hard job but someone has to do it, most probably, you!

Kindly find below a link to a very nice article recently puplished in
Harvard Human Rights Journal by Naz K. Modirzadeh, "Taking Islamic Law
Seriously: INGOs and the Battle for Muslim Hearts and Minds",


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On 26/01/2007 04:09, Sainabou Jaye wrote: 

Dear Wim (and other colleagues on this list), 

I would not hesitate to emphasise the importance of linking these
values to the particular cultural situation you are dealing with. 

In Africa for instance, one of the most outstanding values we cherish
is not only pursuing our rights, but most importantly, ensuring that
we fulfill our responsiblities. These responsibilities would indeed
address the issues of being tolerant, treating people as you expect
to be treated, being disciplined and respecting authority, to name
but a few. 

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