Human Rights Learning: a Peoples' Report

New PDHRE publication: "Human Rights Learning: a Peoples' Report"

Human Rights Learning: a Peoples' Report argues the case and imperatives
of human rights learning at the community level, a unique compilation of
articles and case studies that brings together in one volume the history,
theory and practice of human rights as a way of life, a framework for
action for social change.

Written as "a narrative of organic, experiential knowledge, generated by
communities in resistance and suffering people in solidarity of one
another," the Report differs from scholarly and bureaucratic reports. It
rings out with the immediacy and authenticity of the authors who lived
events they write about and whose lives are fully engaged in the learning
experience they share. Their voices offer a response to incredulous
skeptics about the potency of human rights learning to affect
peoples’ daily lives.

The diversity of the subjects covered in this report is indicative of
broad reach of human rights learning to all facets of life and the
successful outcomes of innovative and transformative pedagogies developed
in Argentina, Cambodia, China, India, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Sri Lanka,
and elsewhere. These "stories" are supported by articles on the concept of
human rights and human rights learning, the way popular literacy education
serves as a model for human rights learning in the community and
pertinence of placing human rights learning solidly at the center of the
global agenda, It is this last element that will serve as an inspiration
to all people -- women, men, children and youth -- in all corners of the
world who seek to live in dignity as a community.

Human Rights Learning a Peoples' Report will be of interest to
Governments, NGOs, community leaders, human rights educators and
activists, members of international organizations and all who believe that
every human being has the right to live in dignity and thus must know
human rights.

The press conference was sponsored by The Slovenian Mission to the UN, and
PDHRE, The Peoples' Movement of Human Rights Learning on the occasion of
the publication of "Human Rights Learning: a Peoples' Report". Honorable
Justice Richard Goldstone, Ambassador Walther Lichem, and Shulamith Koenig
- recipient of the United Nations Human Rights Award - made presentations
and answer questions.  

Copies of the report are available at and
upon request from

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