Women's human rights - violence against women

Dear Colleagues,

I am a human rights activist and educator from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I
am working for a human rights organization called Promoting Human Rights
and Education in Bangladesh (PHREB). We are going to organize an event
called Honoring Future Nation Builders on 19 September in Chittagong. The
event will honor 670 young girls who have gained highest grade point in
the secondary examination from Chittagong education board. We are going to
celebrate their achievements.

They have achieved this result overcoming a lot of problems -- violence
against young women is pervasive in the region. I would like to ask for
most innovative actions for the day. Please let me know how effectively we
can make women rights a fact for a society where women are not even
considered as human being.

Thanks in advance for your input. 

Faridul Alam 
Executive Director, PHREB 
Tel: +880 173 124372 

House A/13, 3rd Floor, Road 1, 
Block - A, Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong 4212 

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