Re: Integration of HRE within formal education in Tanzania

Dear Wilson,

Sorry that I have taken so long to get in touch. I wish to refer you to an
excellent association of Kenyan educationists who can assist you. They are
the Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum. Telephone: +254-20-4450169/4450170.

Thank you,


Alice Nderitu
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights


Wilson Chacha wrote:

Hi my name is Wilson Chacha from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. It
has been great to our country that to a great extent human rights has been
safeguarded by the government since independence and as a result human
rights violations have been minimal. However, with the introduction of
multipartyism in our country way back in 1992, things have changed. We are
witnessing multiple politics and different outlooks in many aspects in

This to a great extent has drawn a number of governmental organizations to
provide civic education to various categories of people including pupils
and students. This efforts have not been so effective as the involvement
of the relevant authorities has been a bit difficult sometimes due to the
reluctance of leaders to do so fearing the loss of political control.

I have been involved in providing such education in schools but my
organization and I are facing a number of difficulties, particulary in
regard to what the best approach is in integrating the HRE in formal
schooling. Tanzania is a very big country with poor infrastructure and
sometimes difficult to reach rural areas where HRE is very much needed.

I would like to request from your side how best we can share your
experiance and support in making this possible. I believe that working
together is a very good initiative in forging ahead with the process.

Hoping to hear from you soon and possibly to work together in hastening
the process.

Kind regards,

Wison Chacha,
Tanzania Heralds For the Youth Service (THEYS)
P.O.BOX 80429
TEL: +255 741 224 330

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