"Compass" in Bosnian, Croatian, Flemish, Hungarian, Italian and Romanian

"COMPASS" now available in Bosnian, Croatian, Flemish, Hungarian, Italian
and Romanian

"COMPASS, a manual on human rights education with young people" published
by the Council of Europe is now available in Bosnian, Croatian, Flemish,
Hungarian, Italian and Romanian and can be ordered from:

Independent Zenica
Email: indep@gmx.net
Internet address: http://indep.cjb.net

Europe House Slavonski Brod
Internet address: http://www.europski-dom-sb.hr/clanak1000-0-0006.htm

Internet address: http://www.vormen.org/Kompas/

Email: mobilitas@mobilitas.hu
Internet address: http://www.mobilitas.hu/?m=63&hol=kompasz&h_id=35

SAPERE 2000 edizioni multimediali
Internet address: http://www.unimondo.org/compass-it

The Intercultural Institute of Timisoara
Internet address: http://www.intercultural.ro/repere

The contact details and addresses on where to order further versions of
Compass are regularly updated on the Council of Europe's Human Rights
Education portal http://www.coe.int/hre

Should you have any questions, regarding the non-official versions of
Compass, please do not hesitate to address yourself to Natalia Miklash
(natalia.miklash@coe.int )

Yours sincerely,

Natalia Miklash
Human Rights Education Youth Programme
European Youth Centre Budapest - Council of Europe
Zivatar u. 1-3, H-1024 Budapest
Tel: 36 1 212 40 78 (secretariat)
36 1 438 10 47 (direct)
Fax: 36 1 212 40 76
http://www.eycb.coe.int  http://www.coe.int/hre

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