Re: Relation between HRE and citizenship education

Dear All

Thanks for the fascinating debates:

Two quick points:

a) On designations and names:

HRE and Civic/Citizenship Education: The designation of a particular
pedagogical formation is important but in a field like the one we are
working in it can become paralyzing and add to conceptual muddle. I
suggest that working around exit-level outcomes-objectives (those skills,
values and attitudes) aimed for at the end of a programme is probably a
bit more useful. In short ... what I am suggesting is that we need to
construct designations around exit level outcomes on various levels of a
learning process.

b) On neutrality and objectivity: A

braham is of course right but ....once again: the ultimate objective or
contribution that a pedagogical activity is claiming to make and it real
thrust towards this objective determine its stance. For instance, if
'social justice' is the vision, will the kind of non-neutrality of HRE be
appropriate??? Or do we look for something else??? HRE has long been
constructing its own non-neutral stance ... in whose interest???...

Also ... please find a paper I delivered at the International Conference
on the Right to Education in Amsterdam late last year. Some ideas about
HRE are also reflected.

Two more writings will be circulated soon:

a) A report on Democracy HRE in the SADC region (a project of the
Electoral Institute of Southern Africa)

b) A report on HRE in South Africa (curriculum constructions; conceptual
frameworks and two case studies)

Warm regards to all

Andre Keet
National Centre for Human Rights Education and Training
South African Human Rights Commission.

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