Summer Institute on Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Bolivia (Santa Cruz, 16 July-6 August 2005)

The Alliance for Conflict Transformation is happy to announce it's new
Summer Institute on Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution to be held July
16 - August 6 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

It is a 4-credit course open to graduate students, upper-level
undergraduates, and professionals.

IPCR offers a stimulating integration of theory and practice, bringing
together innovative academic analysis with practical, hands-on training
and skills development, combined with personal and professional

IPCR will help participants achieve the following objectives:

* To understand conflict theories and conceptual frameworks in order to
develop analytical skills for effective intervention
* To develop practical skills for dealing with conflict constructively and
promoting peacebuilding
* To develop capacities for integrating conflict resolution into related
fields, such as development, humanitarian relief, etc.
* To provide participants with access to the best practices in the field
and to well known and highly respected practitioners
* To help participants create action plans to develop their careers in the
peacebuilding and conflict transformation field
* To develop ongoing networks between participants, program staff, and
guest speakers to support personal and professional advancement


The course will provide an overview of the theory and practice of conflict
resolution and peacebuilding with a focus on providing concrete skills
participants can use in the field. The course includes the following topics:

* Conflict theory, analysis and assessment
* Conflict resolution and peacebuilding practices
* Culture and conflict resolution
* Conflict resolution and development
* Skills development in negotiation, mediation, and dialogue facilitation
* Conflict prevention and crisis response
* Post-conflict transition and reconciliation
* Case studies - community, intra-state and international conflict
* Project management
* Ethical leadership and practice
* Careers in peacebuilding and conflict resolution

For more information see our website:

The program is open to English speaking professionals, graduate and
upper-level undergraduate students from all over the world.


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