Relation between HRE and citizenship education

Dear friends and colleagues,

I have been nominated by the Minister of Education of Chile to integrate a
National Commission on Citizenship Education. The Commission has already
produced a report in Spanish .

HRE is included in the report. The question that I want to share with you
is: What should be the relation between HRE and citizenship education.
Should HRE be completely integrated into citizenship education? Should
citizenship education be completely integrated into HRE? Should they be
related but very independent from each other?

My personal position is that HRE is the conceptual framework in which
citizenship education should be sustained. HRE is also the umbrella that
articulates citizenship education.

I have already received feedback from the Spanish network colleagues, I
will be very happy to receive yours.

With love / Cariņos

Abraham Magendzo K
Coordinator Of Unesco Chair HRE
Santiago Chile

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