DARE publication "Why DARE? Networking for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe

Dear colleagues,

The Europe-wide network DARE is proud to announce its first publication
"Why DARE? Networking for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe“.
The publication was presented on the occasion of the last DARE conference
on Human Rights Education in the Netherlands, which took place from 3-4
December 2004.

The publication aims mainly to introduce the DARE-network and its members.
They describe their activities in education for democratic citizenship
(EDC) and human rights education (HRE), but also their motivation for
being involved in the network. Documents, a short overview on common
activities and three small case studies on challenges of EDC and HRE in
Romania, the UK and Poland are included.

The publication is available free of charge but liable to postage (COD)

c/o Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten
Larissa Döring
Mühlendamm 3
10178 Berlin


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