Conference on Academic Freedom in Higher Education in the Arab World (Amman, 14-16 December 2004)

Dear All,

Thank you for all your comments and remarks on this HRE listserv. It has
been very interesting to follow your discussion.

The Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) will be organizing a
conference on academic freedom in the Arab world from 14th till 16th of
December, in Amman, Jordan. This scientific conference will be concerned
with academic freedom, policies and curricula of higher education and
scientific research in Arab countries and provide prospects for the
future. Your expertise on higher education is much welcomed at this

The conference arises from the need to analyze the current conditions of
higher education and scientific research in Arab countries and to explore
the ways, means and the available resources to improve and develop these
conditions so as to raise the standards of performance and quality in line
with international standards.

The goals of the conference are as follows:

1) To offer a scientific view of the present conditions and the future of
the philosophy, policies, curricula and environment of higher education
and scientific research in the Arab countries.
2) To determine the obstacles standing in the way of academic freedom in
the educational and research activity and ways of activating these
3) To discuss the role of the government and private institutions and the
regional and international organizations in supporting and upgrading the
educational and research activity.
4) To study and analyze the efforts of bilateral and joint Arab
cooperation in the fields of higher education and scientific research and
ways of advancing these efforts.
5) To get acquainted with international experiences and to examine the
possibility of benefiting from these experiences in the Arab countries.
6) To study and analyze the extent of the harmony of higher education
and scientific research in the Arab countries with the international
criteria of human rights.
7) To determine the ways and means for activating innovation and superior
performance in higher education and scientific research and to confront
the phenomenon of the brain drain.

There will be three main focuses during the conference:

1) Policies and determinants of higher education and scientific research.

2) Educational curricula in the Arab countries-the present conditions and
the future conditions.

3) Higher education and scientific research environment in the Arab

The participants will include representatives from government bodies from
the Arab world concerned with higher education and scientific research,
representatives from Arab League organizations and the United Nations,
academics from the Arab world and abroad as well as other experts.

We would like to invite you to participate in this conference. One can
participate by submitting a paper as well as by attending.

For more information and participation form, please contact Amman Center
for Democracy and Human Rights Studies at <>.

With Best Regards

Dr. Nizam Assaf
General Director
Amman Center for Human Rights Studies

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