Right to Education research project

Dear colleagues,

The Right to Education Project is undertaking a research activity into the
implementation of human rights education (HRE), in primary and secondary
formal education, to explore the impact of increasing global attention on
the promotion of human rights in and through education. The research is
being conducted in cooperation with the International Bureau of Education

Educational material that labels itself as HRE, or which purports to teach
human rights principles, must be able to withstand assessment from a human
rights perspective.  Based on this premise, we are interested in learning
of any independent evaluations of formal educational subjects or
materials, meant to teach human rights principles, whether designated as
HRE or under another banner, whether as part of an HRE subject-specific
course or integrated otherwise into the curriculum.  We would be delighted
to hear about existing or ongoing evaluations at the regional,
sub-regional, national or local levels.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Beth Asher

	Beth Asher
	Consultant for the Right to Education Project  

	International Bureau of Education - UNESCO
	c.p. 199, Genève 20, CH-1211 Switzerland
	tel: +41 22 917 7854
	fax: +41 22 917 7801
	info: www.right-to-education.org

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