Call for applications: Courses for human rights and advocacy organisations in SADC region


Adilisha distance learning courses for non-profit human rights and advocacy 

This is a call for applicants for the Adilisha distance learning courses 
for non-profit human rights and advocacy organisations in the SADC region.

Fahamu, in association with the Department for Continuing Education at the 
University of Oxford, will be offering courses specifically designed to 
meet the needs of non-profit human rights and advocacy organisations in the 
SADC region (Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Lesotho, 
Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, 
Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe).  Developed together with 
international and regional experts, seven courses will be run in the course 
of the next 8 months:

Name of Course				Starts		Finishes	Closing date

Finance for the non-financial manager		04-Nov-02	01-Apr-03	Closed
Human rights fact-finding and investigation	06-Jan-03	13-May-03	Closed
Leadership and management for change		13-Jan-03	20-May-03	30-Nov-02
Fundraising and resource mobilisation		13-Jan-03	20-May-03	30-Nov-02
Campaigning and advocacy			To be announced
Monitoring and reporting			To be announced
Using the internet for research and advocacy	To be announced

Applications are now open for:

This course is about leading and managing for change. It aims to help you, 
a manager or a leader in an organisation involved in the struggle for 
justice, with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to help you to 
do your work effectively and ethically. Because if you don't do you work 
effectively and ethically, your struggle will be in vain.

Fundraising and resource mobilisation maybe a high priority on your list. 
But in the kind of context you are operating in, the prospects of raising 
sufficient funds might not be so good.  In order to be effective - in order 
to bring about equity and justice - you need to be able to effectively 
fundraise and mobilise your resources, and effect change. And yet many of 
you are not able to do this. That's what this course is for.

The courses involve distance learning from interactive materials on CDROM 
with support from a course tutor via email.  In addition there will be a 
workshop in the region and assignments and one major project.

Each course will comprise three phases:

Phase One:  You will be supplied with interactive learning materials on 
CDROM to use at home or at your workplace.  You will be supported via email 
by a course tutor.  You will be required to complete a series of 
assignments over a period of approximately eight weeks.

Phase Two: This will involve an intensive workshop in southern Africa 
lasting for about 5 days depending on the course you are registered 
for.  The workshop is compulsory.

Phase Three: This phase will last about eight weeks and will involve you 
carrying out an assignment within your organisation.  You will be supported 
via email by a course tutor and submit your work for assessment.

Those successfully completing this exercise will be awarded with a 
Certificate of Completion from the University of Oxford.

This project is supported by the European Union, the British Department for 
International Development, and the Canadian International Development 
Research Centre.  Partial funding is available to cover fees, travel and 
accommodation for up to 15 persons per course from within the SADC 
region.  Successful applicants would be expected to pay a registration fee 
of USD250.  On completion of the course, a voucher of USD100 will be issued 
to support another member of the organisation to register for a course.

Requests for course information and application forms and procedures may be 
directed to our website ( or email Camille Downes at 
<> or phone her on +27-31-207 1144/8360.

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