IIMCR 2003 International Student Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


WHO: The Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution (IIMCR)

WHAT: The 2003 International Student Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict

WHERE: The Hague, The Netherlands

WHEN: July 19-August 16, 2003 (Application Deadlines: Early Decision-Jan.
24; Regular Decision-March 14)

Despotic rulers who thrive on war-mongering and manipulating ethnic
differences, increasingly scarce natural resources, the co-existence of
dire poverty and immense wealth, flagrant human rights abuses, weapons of
mass destruction, displaced persons, destructive and dehumanizing images of
the "other"-all feed into the quagmire that is violent conflict. But there
are alternatives. Ways exist to disentangle and analyze the elements of
conflict in order to steer it towards a constructive course, one that
respects the dignity and humanity of each and every person; there is an
ever-growing body of knowledge and skill focused on transforming conflict
and preventing it from becoming violent in the first place.

The nature of conflict-be it political, commercial, or local-has changed
over the past decade. There are more non-state actors involved,
relationships among them are less defined, and opportunities to act abound.
The challenges of the current state of world affairs require us-now more
than ever-to respond more conscientiously and effectively with appropriate
conflict resolution practices.

IIMCR's International Student Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict
Resolution is specifically designed to narrow the divide between the theory
and practice of conflict resolution-to prepare young people to understand
and constructively address conflict in a rapidly changing international
environment. During a four-week program, participants from around the world
will sharpen their understanding of conflict resolution through lectures,
negotiation and mediation trainings and detailed multilateral simulations.
They will learn from and network with IIMCR's renowned summer faculty of
conflict resolution practitioners, diplomats, academics and activists. The
Symposium is academically accredited by our local university partner,
Erasmus University Rotterdam, and open to graduate students,
highly-qualified undergraduate students, and young professionals.

And, the IIMCR Symposium experience does not end after four weeks.
Participants can always turn to IIMCR and its first-rate instructors for
support in the form of career and project guidance, and for resources in
the field. They also will have continued access to their greatest
collective asset-each other-through the vast IIMCR Alumni Network of
students and young professionals making a difference in the field of
conflict resolution.

For more information, or to apply, visit our website at www.iimcr.org. If
you have questions, or would like to receive materials (brochures, posters,
CD-roms) for distribution, please e-mail
<International_Symposium@iimcr.org>, or contact Molly Wallace at 202-347-2042.

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