Re: 2003 Human Rights Advocates Programme

A reminder that applications are due on August 1. Please help us to identify
good candidates for the program!!!


July 2002

Dear friends and colleagues:

I am delighted to announce that the application for the 2003 session of
the annual Human Rights Advocates Training Program at Columbia University
is now available.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the
Program and to encourage you to disseminate this information to human
rights activists based in developing countries.  Please feel free to make
multiple copies for further distribution.

Each year, the Center for the Study of Human Rights hosts a four-month
intensive training program for human rights activists. The Human Rights
Advocates Training Program seeks to equip emerging human rights leaders
with the tools and information necessary to resolve human rights issues in
their own communities, and with the resources needed to link their issues
to a broader struggle.  To accomplish this, the Advocates Program utilizes
a combination of theory and practice, complementing academic training in
the principles and theories of human rights with practical workshops on
issues such as human rights advocacy, reporting, and fundraising.
Advocates also participate in visits to international human rights
institutions and local community based organizations in New York City and
Washington, DC.

Based on the premise that human rights are inter-related and universal,
the Advocates Program brings together activists from around the world
working on a wide range of human rights issues.  In addition to supporting
emerging leaders from countries with significant abuses of civil and
political rights, the Program supports areas of struggles such as
indigenous rights, Roma rights, and gay and lesbian rights, exposing
Program participants to a broad vision of human rights. The Program
reinforces the indivisible and inter-connected nature of all human rights
by bringing together activists working on civil and political rights as
well as economic, social and cultural rights.

The Program is designed for lawyers, journalists, teachers, community
organizers, and other human rights activists working for non-governmental
human rights organizations. Participants are selected on the basis of
their previous work experience and commitment to the human rights field,
as well as the appropriateness of a rigorous semester-long training at
Columbia. Preference is given to candidates from areas where human rights
work is most difficult, and where the existing human rights networks are
least developed. In addition, priority is given to applicants who have had
limited opportunities to study or travel abroad.

Advocates must currently be working for a human rights organization, and
must commit to returning to that organization upon completion of the
Program. Fluency in English is required.  Up to fourteen applicants are
accepted to the program, which takes place from January to May each year.

The completed application is due by 5:00 PM on August 1, 2002.  Please
note that late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

For further information or to download additional copies of the
application, please refer to our website at

Warm Regards,

Holly Bartling
Director of Training

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