HRE and Public Policy in the USA

For those listserv members interested in tracking the progress of HRE in
the United States from a public policy perspective, please see my article,
"Human Rights Education and Public Policy in the United States: Mapping
the Road Ahead," now available in Human Rights Quarterly, Volume 24,
Number 2, May 2002.

The article introduces the concept of transformative, systematic HRE and
makes a case for why it is needed in US schools.  The article also
discusses the connection between HRE and other approaches to teaching
values, outlines the present state of HRE in the US, discusses early HRE
public policy developments in the US, and explores concerns about
governmental involvement with HRE in the US.  The article concludes with
concrete suggestions for action for activists, scholars, educators, and

Many thanks to the listserv members I cited and/or quoted in the article.

Adam Stone
Indianapolis, Indiana

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