International Human Rights Exchange (Cape Town, 24 June-19 July)


The International Human Rights Exchange
University of Cape Town, South Africa, June 24 - July 19, 2002

Faculty and students from seven American liberal arts colleges and seven
southern African universities will participate in an intensive one-month
multidisciplinary course exploring the theories and practices of human
rights, from June 24 to July 19, 2002, at the University of Cape Town in
South Africa.

The course theme in 2002 is Globalization, Religion, and Human Rights.

Some spaces for students from partner colleges and universities, other
academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations remain open.

This groundbreaking program, inaugurated in the summer of 2001, is an
initiative of the Institute for International Liberal Education at Bard
College and the University of Cape Town, and aims to promote the critical
study and understanding of human rights as part of a broad intellectual
and social movement.  It also aims to strengthen ties between American
liberal arts colleges and southern African universities, and encourage
resource sharing and collaboration.

The month-long course begins with a consideration of a common core of
questions about human rights, with special attention paid to the
interaction of global forces and local dynamics.  Students then choose to
pursue two of four available elective concentrations or "streams":
economics and development, democracy and governance, culture and media,
and identity and difference. In addition to attending lectures and
participating in seminars, students will work with local institutions,
including international and national media and non-governmental
organizations, during a supervised research practicum.

Faculty include:

Michael Allen,  Politics, Bryn Mawr College
Gabeba Baderoon, English, University of Cape Town
David Chidester, Comparative Religion, University of Cape Town
Elsa van Huyssteen, Sociology, University of the Witwatersrand
Thomas Keenan, Comparative Literature and Human Rights, Bard College
Bahati Kuumba, Women's Studies, Spelman College
Alfred Nhema, Politics, University of Zimbabwe
Michelle Parlevliet, Centre for Conflict Resolution, Univ. of Cape Town
Kendall Thomas, School of Law, Columbia University
Bruce H. Wade, Sociology and Anthropology, Spelman College

Distinguished visitors include:

Earl Fluker, Leadership Centre, Morehouse College
David Rieff, Journalist, New York
Nasila Rembe, UNESCO/Tambo Chair for Human Rights, Univ. of Fort Hare
Amina Mama, Africa Gender Institute, University of Cape Town
Vincent Maphai, Chairman of the Board, South African Broadcasting Corp.

Participating institutions include Bard College, Swarthmore College,
Spelman College, Morehouse College, Oberlin College, Bryn Mawr College,
Trinity College, University of Cape Town, University of Natal-Durban,
University of Zimbabwe, University of Fort Hare, University of
Durban-Westville, University of the Witwatersrand, and University of the
Western Cape.

Five spaces are reserved for students from non-participating institutions.
There are also five spots reserved for NGO workers in the field of human
rights. Limited need-based scholarship funding is available.

For more information please see the course web site at
or contact:

The Institute for International Liberal Education
Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504
(845) 758 7080

Centre for the Study of Religion
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch, 7700
Cape Town

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