Human Rights Studies in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, 3-21 June 2002)


JUNE 3 - JUNE 21, 2002

Dear Friends:

We are pleased to announce the summer program for Human Rights Studies in
Brazil.  The class will be held in Rio de Janeiro from June 3rd through June
21.  During the three weeks, students will be affiliated with one of the
most prestigious Brazilian NGOs, Viva Rio, which sponsors various
comprehensive human rights programs throughout the city.  Students will
study the international human rights standards, the role of international
and local NGOs in the Brazilian human rights movement, the everyday practice
of human rights at the community level, the significance of human rights
representation, and the role of human rights education (both formal and
non-formal) in promoting human rights.  During the course, we will have two
sessions a day.  The sessions will be either lectures, site-visits, or group
discussions.  We will be based out of the headquarters for Viva Rio.  But
many of our classes will be conducted in favela communities while visiting
different NGOs.

Students who are encouraged to apply include university students with a
strong interest in human rights studies, emerging human rights scholars,
students of visual media who wish to focus on human rights themes, and
international NGO workers.  The language of instruction will be English and
international students must have a strong command of both oral and written
English for lectures and discussions.  The cost for the three week course
will be US $1000.  Airfare, housing, meals, and visa costs are not included
in the tuition.

For a detailed explanation of the course, the schedule, the faculty,
accommodations, anticipated expenses, and an application, please send a
email to the director of the Viva Rio summer program, Peter Lucas:

Please write in the subject line "Human Rights in Brazil."

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