Star Law Network


The Daily Star is interested to establish a pool of pro-active and
'socially committed' persons for contributing effectively towards ongoing
efforts and discourses on law, legal education, legal system, legal
decisions, law enforcement, human rights trends, issues and
standard-setting. The proposed Star Law Network (SLN) will be primarily
based in Law Desk, the Daily Star and the 'LAW AND OUR RIGHTS' section
will regularly publish the diverse contributions (e.g., articles,
features, critiques, letters, reviews, reports etc) the network will
generate. Law students, researchers, lawyers, judges, teachers, social
activists and 'human rights defenders' are eligible to participate in the
initiative. Persons having genuine interests and participation in the
issues of governance, law and human rights with no formal background in
law are also welcome to join the proposed network.

The Law Desk also intends to develop an 'International Mailing List' and
'Interactive E-mail Network' among the pro-active and 'socially committed'
members of legal and human rights fraternity from across the world to
facilitate stimulating exchange of views, notions and information.
Expanding the 'traditionally limited access to information' will be
another aim of the SLN. has already
opened a new frontier of information and exchange. We cordially invite
interested readers of the Daily Star to join this unique initiative for
creating a people-friendly legal system and promoting a culture of human
rights and tolerance. Please send your name, contact details and preferred
area(s) of contribution to the Law Desk. We will keep you informed every
Sunday through LAW AND OUR RIGHTS.

For any further query, please contact:

A. H. Monjurul KABIR, Law Desk Incharge at Law Desk,
The Daily Star, 19
Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh; Fax:
(+880-2)-8125155; E-mail:,

Abul Hasnat Monjurul KABIR
LL.B (Hons.), LL.M in International Human Rights Law (Distinction)
Human Rights Advocate and Researcher
Voice:+880-2-8020628, 018229212; Fax:+880-2-8125155,

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