Summary of national initiatives within the Decade for HRE

[***Moderator's note: The reports of national initiatives in the five
regions will be posted as separate messages to the list. Today we will post
the summaries for Africa and Arab countries. The reports for Asia/Pacific,
Europe and North America, Latin America and the Caribbean will be
distributed tomorrow.***]

Dear listserv members,

You will find below a summary of information received by the Office of the
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) from Governments, concerning
their activities in the framework of the Decade for Human Rights Education
(1995-2004). The information is updated as of December 2001, and is already
included in related reports submitted by OHCHR to United Nations bodies (in
particular, General Assembly and Commission on Human Rights). National
initiatives are presented by country, under five regions (Africa; Arab
countries; Asia/Pacific; Europe and North America; Latin America and the
Caribbean); this information will be posted soon on OHCHR's website

You may recall that, at the national level, the Decade's Plan of Action
provides for the establishment, upon the initiative of Governments or other
relevant institutions, of a national committee for human rights education.
This committee should consist of a broad coalition of governmental and
non-governmental actors and should be responsible for developing and
implementing a comprehensive (in terms of outreach), effective (in terms of
educational strategies) and sustainable (over the long term) national plan
of action for human rights education, in consultation with regional and
international organizations. Such a plan should constitute an integral part
of the overall national plan of action for human rights, when applicable,
or should be complementary to it. The call for the establishment of such
plans has been reiterated both by the General Assembly and the Commission
on Human Rights.

For more information and comments, you are welcome to contact us at:

Best regards.

Elena Ippoliti
OHCHR Geneva

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