HRE and human security

Dear Shula and dear colleagues from the Global HRE List,

I am reacting to your interesting and challenging email from the 8th of

    1.. Human Rights Education is marked by the fall of the Twin Towers.
Human Rights educators, cannot longer think as we thought before, we
could no longer educate as we educated before.  The Twin Towers
necessary links Human Rights Education to Human Security. We need to
take an extra precaution:  While intending to bring about historical
justice, we could also bring down the ethical architecture which
humanity has worked so hard to build.  I ask myself:  Is it possible
that we might abolish individuals' human rights for the purpose of
bringing about historical justice?  Are the right to life, the right not
to be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
or punishment still in force?  Are we on the brink, perhaps, of doing
away with the right to due process, where one is presumed innocent until
proven guilty?  Might we, perhaps, suppress the last article of the
Declaration that states: "Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted
as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any
activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the
rights and freedoms set forth herein."

    2.. Therefore I am with you Shula that "we need to speak of
globalizing human rights..  this is the only way for human security and
security in general, this is the only guideline we have for real
security".. We need to relate security to human rights and to Human
Rights Education.  The document that you have prepared for the
Millennium Forum last year: Human rights education: A necessary
foundation for human security in the new millennium on security and
Human Rights Education, is very helpful

    3.. In preparation for the fourth Ministerial meeting of the Human
Security Network in Santiago, Chile in May 2002, I was asked to write a
discussion paper that aims to examine the ways in which human security
and human rights education are linked and to contribute to the
development of a practical policy agenda for the Human Security Network
in the field of Human Rights Education as a core strategy for human

    4.. I am including a preliminary document that summarizes what I already
wrote, I haven't finish writing the recommendations. I will appreciate very
much, if Shula and all the colleagues from Global HRE list could react,
add or criticize and particularly give me same ideas. [***Moderator's note:
If you would like to receive a copy of Abraham's paper in Word, please send
an e-mail to <> and write in the subject line:
Human security paper.***]

Gracias y cariņos

Abraham Magendzo K
Chilean HR educator

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