United Nations Association-Student Alliance (USA)

International affairs clubs, Model U.N. teams, and student advocacy groups
are invited to join a new network of student groups that are participating
in, and benefiting from, the work of UNA-USA--the nation's leading
grassroots foreign policy organization. These UNA Student Alliances join
forces with UNA-USA's 175 community-based Chapters and statewide Divisions
to broaden and deepen understanding of the United Nations system and
promote multilateral efforts that advance the goals of the U.N. Charter.

High school, college and university students may establish a campus based
UNA-Student Alliance to promote the work of the United Nations through
advocacy.  Suggested themes include promoting UNA-USA citizen awareness on
the International Criminal Court and Adopt-A-Minefield® campaigns.  
Students may choose to promote the work of the United Nations in other
areas such as health, peace and security and the environment.  Students
from various disciplines are encouraged to participate in the UNA-Student

UNA-Student Alliances receive:
· A letter from Ambassador William H. Luers, UNA-USA's Chairman and
President, recognizing the alliance as an official Student Alliance
· Access to UNA-USA's Speakers Bureau with over 600 distinguished
individuals from the United Nations, government, private sector and
non-governmental organizations.
· The InterDependent: UNA-USA's  quarterly on world affairs features
"insider" news and analysis not found in the mainstream media
· Discounts on registration for the Model U.N. Summit and Leadership
· Use of UNA-USA's logo and name on flyers for educational activities
· Discounts on UNA-USA publications

For additional information regarding the United Nations Association
Student Alliance, please refer to our website:
http://www.unausa.org/programs/mun/unasa.htm or contact:

Program Administrator, Education and Model United Nations
United Nations Association of the United States of America
801 Second Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Phone: (212) 907 1334               Fax: (212) 682 9185
Email:  dmikhail@unausa.org    Web: www.unausa.org

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