Internships at Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (New Delhi)

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative currently seeks two young
Africans from the Commonwealth countries to work as interns in our office
in New Delhi.

We would appreciate it if you would circulate the attached announcement
within your networks.

Thank you,

   Venkatesh Nayak
   Research Officer
   on behalf of Recruitment Committee


About Us:

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is a non-partisan independent
international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Human rights education
and advocacy are at the core of our activities. Founded in 1987, CHRI was
originally based in London and moved its headquarters to New Delhi, India
in 1993. CHRI believes that the promotion and protection of human rights
is the responsibility of governments, but that the active participation of
civil society acting in concert is vital to ensuring good governance and
the rule of law as well as the practical realisation of human rights.

Internship Programme:

CHRI has a programme for Interns specifically from Commonwealth African
countries. Fresh graduates and post-graduates in Law/Criminology/Social
Sciences are encouraged to apply. Placement would be for 9 to 12 months at
New Delhi.

Interns will be required to work in any of the following programmes of

   a.. Human Rights Advocacy Programme

   b.. Police and Prison Reforms Programme.

   c.. Human Rights Commissions Programme.

   d.. Right to Information Programme


   a.. Candidates must have strong research, analysis, comparative
research and organisational skills and must be fully proficient in the
English language (both oral and written).

   b.. Qualifications in Law/Criminology/Social Sciences are required.

   c.. Some experience with human rights advocacy or the NGO sector is

   d.. Candidates must be able to work in a multicultural environment and
be adaptable to often challenging working situations.

In addition to the above criteria, candidates applying for this position
must have a commitment to continuing their work upon return to their home
countries. Peace-building and advocacy skills also preferred.


   a.. A detailed resume

   b.. Three references from persons of integrity known to the candidate

   c.. Copies of recent publications or two writing samples reflecting
the candidate's research skills

Remuneration provided will be sufficient to cover sustenance and
accommodation expenses. Only those with a strong commitment to human
rights and social justice need apply.

Applications may be addressed to:

   Recruitment Co-ordinator
   Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
   F1/12A Hauz Khas Enclave
   New Delhi - 110016 INDIA
   Tel: 91-11-686 4678, 91-11-685 9823
   Fax: 91-11-686 4688

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