Summer Seminar in Peace and Human Rights (Hawai'i, June 2000)

        Aloha e na hoa aloha o ka maluhia a ka pono
        Dear Friends of Peace and Human Rights,

        The Advanced Course and Training Program in Peace and Human
        Rights will take place from June 5-23, 2000 on O'ahu, Hawai'i
        and Maui.

        The theme of the three week advanced summer seminar in Hawai'i
        is "Deepening the Discourse of Human Rights; Developing
        Nonviolent Strategies for Direct Action and Diplomacy."

        The Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights will organize a
        specialized, summer study session focusing on international
        human rights law and the power of nonviolence geared for
        advanced students in international law, political science and
	peace studies; and professors and professionals in the field of international
        human rights law and peace.

        The summer seminar focus is to:
        - educate about the international instruments and institutions,
        the regional mechanism and national commissions that aim to
        promote and protect human rights, as well as the established
        generations of human
        rights and the emerging generation of collective rights;
        - organize to challenge the current judicial and political
        systems to improve and be innovative in their approach; and
        - mobilize participants to move beyond basic understanding and
        to build skills and strategies
        for future nonviolence and human rights campaigns

        The principled analysis of existing international human rights
        rooted in relevant case law and international issues will be
        the basis for the seminar. A program of action will be
        developed together by experts and participants to transform the
        knowledge into direct action.

        The pedagogy of the seminar will feature lectures and panels by
        professionals in the field of human rights from the grassroots
        to the global level as well as professors teaching the
        philosophy and practice of nonviolence and international human
        rights law.

        The participants will also meet in working groups to do two
        functions of:
        - examining case studies before international bodies; and
        - formulating conclusions and visionary proposals during futures
        studies assemblies.

        The participants will also do two writing assignments featuring
        - a 10 - 15 page paper building upon the 150 - 250 word abstract
        submitted in the application for admission. The paper should
        focus on one of the subjects featured at the Hawai'i Institute
        for Human Rights Summer Seminar. The HIHR and accepted
        participants will work together on the final product.  Upon
        arrival students will hand in 10 - 15 page paper to organizers
        based on the previous abstract. During the Summer Seminar,
        students will present papers to human rights experts and
        community members and lead a discussion on importance of the
        issue in international human rights law.
        - a brief, yet complete, 1503 citing a human rights violation
        researched while on location in Hawai'i.

        Those who endure the three week advanced course and training in
        peace and human rights on three islands in Hawai'i and complete
        the course will receive a diploma from the Hawai'i Institute
        for Human Rights.

        The Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights summer seminar,
        "Deepening the Discourse of Human Rights; Developing Nonviolent
        Strategies for Direct Action and Diplomacy" is limited to a
        maximum of 35 participants.

        The course fee for individuals is $1,500.00 (USD). For persons
        affiliated with institutions, such as governmental or
        non-governmental organizations, the fee is $2,000.00 (USD).
        This fee includes tuition, written materials, accommodation and
        excursions of empowerment. There will be four receptions and
        one ho'olaule'a. Participants will be lodged in guest houses on
        all three islands.

        Accepted applicants will be able to work with HIHR travel
        agents to find affordable rates to Hawai'i. HIHR will assist
        with visas to attend the summer seminar. Participants must be
        responsible for proper medical, travel and damage insurance.

        Provided necessary funds and grant awards are available,
        participants might receive an exemption from course fees and a
        fellowship to award some further expenses coverage.

        Potential participants should complete the application form,
        paper abstract and essay. The application deadline is March 15,
        2000. All information will be handled confidentially.
        Candidates will be informed by April 15, 2000 to begin packing
        for "paradise" and researching and writing the paper to present
        in Hawai'i in June.

        May we ask you to forward this information to activists,
        academics and authors that would be interested in participating
        in this educational endeavor. Please pass on this opportunity
        in peace and human rights education to students, professors and
        experts you believe would be interested in submitting an

        For additional copies of the information brochure and
        application forms, please contact us at the following address:
        Joshua Cooper, Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights, Pacific
        Peace Palace, 3524 Campbell Avenue, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96815.
        Phone: 808 734-0117, Fax: 808 956-5708, E-mail:  and You can also consult
        our site on the world wide web. Our internet URL is

        O wau no me ka ha'aha'a,
        With great humbleness,

        Joshua Cooper                        Malia Davidson
        HIHR Summer Seminar Advanced Course Coordinators

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