Looking to meet HR educators and activists in Lebanon

Lalita Ramdas, from India, Former President of ICAU - International
Council of Adult Education - and her husband Ramu Ramdas - Former Head of
the Indian Navy, now peace activists, will be visiting Lebanon, to
participate in an International Peace Education conference, taking place
in Beirut, starting on the 22nd of November.

They would like to be able to link with local HR and Peace activists and
educators and some local people who are involved with the Nuclear/Peace
issues too.

Could anyone reading this message give us names of people whom the coupe
can contact while in Lebanon names and addresses of people whom you think
maybe willing to meet with them.

You can send your answer to Shula Koenig: pdhre@igc.org directly to Lalita
at: lramdas@vsnl.com as soon as possible.

The couple had just participated in a three month March of Peace activists
throughout India.

Thank you for your assistance,

Shula Koenig.

People's Decade of Human Rights education,
526 West 111th Street,  Suite  4E
NY, NY 10025, USA
Tel.  1-212-749-3156
Fax. 1-212-666-6325
Web Site:  www.pdhre.org

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