AI-USA seeking applicants for national steering committee

Please help spread the word. For more information, contact Karen Robinson
Cloete, e-mail:


We're in search of a few good educators

The Human Rights Educators Network is in search of committed activists who
meet the following criteria and who are ready to help lead the Amnesty
International, USA's human rights education program into the next century:


The human rights education steering committee is committed to performing
the multi-faceted tasks that build a human rights education culture within
AIUSA and in our alliances with other NGOs and institutions.  The goals
of the network reflect the vision, organizational structure, and
activities and program priorities of AIUSA.

The human rights education steering committee 2000-2003:
(**indicates available positions)

                    Human Rights Education Steering Committee

*    Committee Chair
*    Experiential & Service-Learning**
*    Resource Development (curriculum and other methodologies)**
*    Human Rights & the Environment**
*    Serving Linguistically Diverse Communities**
*    Outreach & development of Human Rights Educators**
*    Staff Liaison

                         Human Rights Education Advisory Board
                      (includes but not limited to the following)

*    Editor of the 4th R, AIUSA's Human Rights Education newsletter
*    AIUSA Website Coordinator
*    Curriculum Coordinator
*    Board Liaison

The work of the Human Rights Educators Steering Committee Members:

I.  Liaison with membership, regional and national staff, and steering
committees on policy and action:
-    Organize workshops at regional conferences and Annual General Meeting 
-    In consultation with staff, assist in organizing workshops at key
leadership meetings (networks, Student Area  Coordinator and Area Coordinator
-    Act as resource person (at group meetings, give speeches, advise groups on
outreach to other NGOs) in area of expertise
-    Answer questions regarding AI human rights education resources
-    Be a trainer on human rights education
-    Be a key resource person of a focus area and provide leadership in
constituency building for that area
-    Participate in the decision-making process about human rights education
activities in regions (through participation on the Regional Planning
Group and in other ways)
-    Advise the campaign director on strategies, actions, etc.
-    Support the development of peer support groups within the regions.

II.  Liaison within wider AI movement and the community
-    Integrate human rights education at the AGM by organizing panels and a
pre-conference  experiential and/or service learning components with
debriefing workshops that highlight the work of local NGOs in the city
where the AGM is held
-    Coordinate human rights education actions with the national and
international planning cycle
-    Identify and participate in the selection of national and regional
education conferences that AIUSA educators should attend.

We are actively seeking candidates of diverse backgrounds.  This is a two year
commitment with some flexibility as determined by program development over the
initial three years.

Letters of interest with resume should be mailed by Dec. 15 1999 to:
Amnesty International
Karen Robinson Cloete
322 8th Ave.
New York, NY   10001

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