Teaching for Freedom project in Ghana


The Teaching For Freedom (TFF) Project is a partnership programme between 
Amnesty International - Ghana and Amnesty International - Norway.

The project undertakes activities in twenty secondary schools and ten 
Teacher Training Colleges - two and one respectively in each administrative 
region of Ghana. These activities include the formation of human rights 
clubs in second cycle schools and organising induction courses for final 
year teacher trainees in training colleges. The induction courses for 
teacher trainees cover issues like Human Rights Concepts, Principles of 
Human Rights Education, Teaching Strategies, and Peer Teaching Practices on 
Human Rights aspects of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

The general aims of the partnership are to build human rights awareness 
against violations and to recruit a new generation of  human rights 
activists who will contribute towards a society where basic human rights 
are respected. The main focus are the youth in second cycle schools and 
final year teacher trainees.  The work with second cycle schools involves 
the formation and monitoring of human rights clubs while that for teacher 
training colleges involves organizing induction courses for final year 

It is the desire of the stake holders of this project that in the very near 
future, human rights education would become part of the curriculum of our 
schools.  If this does happen, then Ghana would be on the path to creating 
a generation of democratic citizens who will have a high regard for human 
rights, and freedoms  in their attempts to bring about growth and development.

Response from participants (teachers and students) has been overwhelming in 
support of the programme.  There have been calls on the project by the 
beneficiaries to endeavour to explore ways of continuing the project for 
succeeding batches to benefit.  Other institutions (colleges/schools) 
currently not covered by the TFF Project have been requesting for their 
inclusion.  However, due to our limited financial resources we have not 
been able to heed to such requests.

Teaching For Freedom has so far trained over 1,500 teachers on HRE who are 
currently teaching at the basic levels of our school system in various 
communities. The School Clubs activities have also exposed over 2,000 
students to issues of human rights through debates, drama, talk symposia 
and club meetings.

Through the project,the Ministry of Education and other educational 
authorities have open their doors to HRE issues who hitherto we found 
difficult to contact on such matters.  The activities of the TFF Project 
have demystified the notion that human rights issues were the prerogative 
of only lawyers and politicians in our society.  The students and teacher 
trainees as well as the school authorities benefiting from TFF have drawn 
closer and identified with human rights issues.

We must add that, much as we would have wished to extend our activities, we 
have not been able to go beyond the pilot schools.  Currently we are 
producing teaching manuals for the teachers on the field.  This was 
developed through collecting the work of the teacher trainees and 
synthesizing this into the manual.  Other manuals produced include training 
manuals for the Regional Liaison Officers and School Club 
Patrons.  Certificates have also always been presented to participants of 
the induction courses as a morale booster.

The project term is November 1996 - December 1999.  Funding from Norway 
ceases in December, 1999.  Extending our activities beyond this period will 
afford us opportunity to reach a bigger population and also enable us 
continue our discussions with the educational authorities towards the 
achievement of our ultimate goal - introducing HRE in our school curricula.

Hopefully, if human rights education becomes an integral part of the 
curriculum, the project would still continue to run its programmes albeit a 
few changes.  The existence of the Teaching for Freedom Project will go a 
long way to help in the promotion of the human rights ideals of the 
Constitution of Ghana.

Issah Fuseini
Project Co-ordinator
Fred Kpoor
Project Treasurer

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