'Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars' on Tuesday, June 26

** Next on P.O.V.: "Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars" on Tuesday,
June 26 ** 
** P.O.V. Podcast: Behind the Lens with Zach Niles and Banker White
** P.O.V.'s 2008 Call for Entries Deadline is June 29, 2007 ** 
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* "Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars" Airs on Tuesday, June 26 * 

"From our very first interviews we knew their story would be a
celebration of what is beautiful not only about Africa, but what is
beautiful about the human spirit ‹ the strength to overcome
adversity, the ability to forgive and, when you've found hope, the
desire to share it with others." 
­ Zach Niles and Banker White, Filmmakers 

If the refugee is today's tragic icon of a war-ravaged world, then
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, a reggae-inflected band born in the
camps of West Africa, represents a real-life story of survival and
hope. The six-member Refugee All Stars came together in Guinea after
civil war forced them from their native Sierra Leone. Traumatized by
physical injuries and the brutal loss of family and community, they
fight back with the only means they have ‹ music. The result,
as shown in "Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars," is a tableau of
tragedy transformed by the band's inspiring determination to sing and
be heard. A Diverse Voices Project co-production. 

The "Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars" companion website offers a
streaming video trailer of the film, an interview with filmmakers
Banker White and Zach Niles (video, podcast and text); a list of
related websites, organizations and books; a downloadable discussion
guide and lesson plan; and these special features: 

Video Mash-Up 
Create your own music video with songs from Sierra Leone's Refugee
All Stars, clips from the film and extra footage of the band on stage
in Japan for a chance to win an autographed CD and a T-shirt. 

With the Band Videos 
Find out about life on tour with the band, their songwriting process
and more in these additional scenes shot both during the making of
the film and after it was completed. 

In Search of the Durable Solution 
Seven experts from the field talk about the complex issues around
working with refugees. 


TIP: Days and times for P.O.V. broadcasts do vary, so be sure to
check local listings for dates and airtimes on your PBS station on
our website. 

* P.O.V. Podcast: Behind the Lens with Zach Niles and Banker White * 

In this week's podcast, filmmakers Zach Niles and Banker White talk
about how they came to make "Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars," an
extraordinary story of a group of refugees who fight back with music.
(12 minutes) 

Download the MP3 File (4.2 MB) 

* P.O.V.'s 2008 Call for Entries Deadline is June 29, 2007 * 

Final week! P.O.V. is seeking submissions from all perspectives to
showcase next year on PBS. We welcome all subjects, styles and
lengths ­ and are particularly interested in work that expands
the notion of what documentary can be. Unfinished films may be
eligible for completion funds. 

The submission arrival deadline is Friday, June 29, 2007. 

The application for the 2008 Call for Entries is online. 

* Celebrate P.O.V.'s 20th Anniversary with Special Events in NYC * 

P.O.V. and the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority
(MTA) are teaming up to celebrate P.O.V.'s 20th Anniversary with a
special series of MetroCard On-the-Ground Events. 

Present your MetroCard at the Brooklyn Museum, the Bronx Museum of
the Arts and the Museum of the Moving Image to get 2-for-1 admission
during the month of June, and attend panels and screenings of special
P.O.V. films. 

To find out more about these events, visit

* P.O.V. Films at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival * 

P.O.V. films "Lumo" (P.O.V. Sept. 18, 2007), about the victims of
rape in the eastern Congo, and "Election Day" (P.O.V. 2008), about
the 2004 U.S. presidential election, will be screened at the 2007
Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York City later this month. 

"Lumo" will be screened on June 24. 

"Election Day" will be screened on June 27 and 28. 

Find out more at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival website. 

* Local P.O.V. Events & Screenings Around the Country * 

Local PBS stations, film festivals and community groups will present
a number of P.O.V. films, including 2007 films "Made in L.A.,"
"Revolution Œ67," and "The Chances of the World Changing," and
former P.O.V. films such as "What I Want My Words To Do To You,"
"Farmingville" and "Chisholm Œ72" in communities around the

Check the Amdoc/P.O.V. Outreach page for details, and for more
upcoming events near you. 


This week's highlighted event: 

Revolution '67 
Newark, NJ 
7 pm 

Revolution '67 will be screened at the 33rd Annual Newark Black Film
Festival (NBFF). The screening will be followed by a panel discussion
moderated by Dr. Clement A. Price, Director of the Institute on
Ethnicity, Culture and the Modern Experience, Rutgers
University­Newark. The panelists include Richard Cammarieri, New
Community Corporation; Junius Williams, Esq., Director, Abbott
Leadership Institute, Rutgers University-Newark; and Amiri Baraka,
poet, playwright and activist. The event will take place at the
Newark Museum, located at 49 Washington Street. For more information,
please call 973-596-6550 or visit the Newark Black FIlm Festival


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