'TeachUNICEF' pilot project, Fall 2007

The US Fund for UNICEF is looking for US teachers to pilot its new
"TeachUNICEF" online curriculum materials for grades 6-8 and 9-12. These
lesson plans are based on UNICEF's 2006 "State of the World's Children
Report". They examine how issues of poverty, armed conflict, child labor
and disability impact the lives of children in developing countries, and
what UNICEF is doing to overcome these challenges to children's survival
and development. Each lesson plan is aligned to national curriculum
standards, and contains ideas for interdisciplinary curriculum work.

You can view the lesson plans at http://www.teachunicef.org (Click on
"Lesson Plans and Resources")

When will piloting take place? 

Piloting will take place between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1, 2007. The lesson
plans may be completed at any time during that period, depending on your

What will be required? 

1. Teachers will be asked to choose one lesson plan from the list below:

a.. Martha from Sierra Leone (this lesson focuses on children and armed 
b.. Himal from Nepal (children and poverty), 
c.. Nodira from Uzbekistan (children with disabilities), or 
d.. Ali from Jordan (child labor) 

Teachers will also be asked to choose one additional lesson plan, on
either "The Root Causes of Exclusion" or "Measuring Success: The
Millennium Development Goals".

2. You will be asked to give a short pre-test to your students.

3. You can then use the lesson plans with your class. These are designed
to be completed in 2-3 class periods, and include optional homework

4. After completing the lesson plans, you will be asked to give a short
post-test to your students.

5. We will also ask you to complete a short online survey form giving us
your feedback on the materials.

How do I sign up to participate? 

For more detailed information, or to register to participate,

Susan Fountain, Evaluation Outreach, US Fund for UNICEF 

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