Colloquium at Columbia University: 'Love of War' (New York, April 18, 2007)

THE PEACE EDUCATION CENTER invites you to attend a special colloquium
presented by Richard A. Koenigsberg:

"warfare and devotion to the sacred ideal" 


Wednesday, April 18 - 7:00-9:00pm 

Teachers College, Columbia University 
Room 179 Grace Dodge 
(525 West 120th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam) 

There is no charge to attend, but space is limited. To hold your
place, please send an email ASAP to: <     >

If warfare and other forms of collective violence were viewed solely as a
bad thing, achieving peace would not be difficult. But warfare often is
conceived as a grand and noble enterprise. This colloquium will explore
the relationship between violence and a group's attachment to its sacred

Bin Laden and other Islamic radicals often proclaim, "We love death the
way you Americans love life"-implying that the United States is decadent
and corrupt-lacking in spiritual values. September 11 provided the
occasion for Americans to recommit to their sacred ideals.

President George Bush declared after 9/11: "I see out of this evil will
come good as youngsters all of a sudden understand the value of
sacrifice." He calls freedom the "mightiest force in history." Waging war
allows a nation to demonstrate the depth of its devotion to its sacred

Space is limited. To hold your place, please send an email ASAP to: 
<     >

Perhaps the following idea has sustained the Iraqi war: "Do not imagine
that the United States lacks sacred values. We too possess ideals for
which we are willing to kill and die: As young people in the Middle-East
martyr themselves for Allah, so young Americans sacrifice their lives for
freedom and democracy."

Through lecture and intensive discussion, this colloquium seeks to move
toward the possibility of peace-by exploring the sources of the human
attachment to war.

Richard A. Koenigsberg holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the Graduate
Faculty of the New School for Social Research. He is the author of
numerous books and papers including "Dying for One's Country: The Logic of
War and Genocide." He lectures extensively on the sources of societal
violence. In the fall he will embark on a college lecture tour on
"Civilization and Self-Destruction." Please see:

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