New HRE Message Board

Dear Colleagues, 

Global Dialogue Press is pleased to announce the creation of the Global
Dialogue Press Human Rights Education Message Board, an online discussion
center for HRE practitioners and activists. We hope this message board
will become a place where HRE practitioners and activists can come
together to discuss the day-to-day triumphs and challenges of HRE, such as
HRE lesson plan successes and failures (e.g., what is working, and perhaps
not working, in the classroom), ideas for how to start an HRE program,
tips for overcoming HRE obstacles (from hostile school boards and/or
parents, to indifferent students, to skeptical colleagues), creative ways
to use existing HRE resources (especially on a limited budget),
announcements of upcoming HRE events, etc.

To access the message board, go to, then click on the
link to the message board. To discourage spammers and others who do not
have a legitimate interest in the board content, registration is required
before you can post to the board, but the registration process is very
simple and straightforward.

We have created a number of basic forums to get things started. If members
have suggestions for additional forums, or categories of forums, they may
contact the administrator with their suggestions.

We hope members will enjoy this new HRE resource, and will share their HRE
knowledge and experience with the other members. Our goal is to create a
discussion center where mutual support and encouragement among the many
and varied --and often geographically isolated-- HRE practitioners and
activists around the world becomes a reality. We look forward to seeing
you there!

Adam E. Stone 

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