New Democracy Schools challenge corporate rule

Recently, two graduates of Antioch University's Environmental Advocacy and
Organizing Program started a new movement-building organization in New
England called Advocates for Community Empowerment (ACE). The mission of
the organization is to help empower local communities to go beyond
conventional regulatory strategies and secure a truly democratic future by
enacting enforceable by-laws and ordinances that place control in the
hands of ‘we the people” while stripping corporations of their
illegitimate power to usurp people's rights to a clean and healthy
environment. This strategy has already been used to good effect in western
Pennsylvania through the efforts of Tom Linzey and the Community
Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF).

As one of the main activist training tools for helping local communities
in New England learn more about this new organizing model, Ellen and Steve
will soon begin offering "Daniel Pennock Democracy School" weekend
workshops in New England communities that were first developed by Tom
Linzey of CELDEF and Richard Grossman, a founder of the Program on
Cororations, Law, and Democracy (POCLAD). If you haven't heard about this
grassroots strategy to challenge corporate rule through local organizing,
or about this important activist training tool, you owe it yourself to
learn more. For more information, go to

All my best, 

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Steve Chase, Ph.D. 
Director, Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program Department of
Environmental Studies at Antioch University 
New England 40 Avon Street, Keene, NH 03431 603-283-2336;
603-357-0618 (fax); 

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To learn more, check out the study, ACTIVIST TRAINING IN THE ACADEMY:

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