Global TeachNet Announcements for July 6, 2006

This week's postings:

1. National Peace Corps Association/NetAid Mentoring Program

2. World Citizens Guide - Great Advice for Travel Abroad

3. New Website Calls on Youth to Speak Up

4. William Penn House Seminar: Teachers of Peace

Dear Subscribers,

For the next two months, I will assume the role of compiling and preparing
the GlobalEdNews listserv. I'm currently interning for the National Peace
Corps Association and recently graduated from the University of
California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

If you have any questions, requests, or comments about GlobalEdNews,
please contact me at < >. I look forward to working with you to enhance
global education!

Ravi Shah
NPCA Intern
National Peace Corps Association

1. NPCA/NetAid Mentoring Program Application Reminder

Applications for the NPCA/NetAid Mentoring Program are being accepted
through July 15 for the next mentoring program beginning in September
2006. This program allows returned Peace Corps volunteers to provide key
advice, support and mentoring to exceptional high school student leaders
selected each year to join NetAid's Global Citizen Corps (GCC).

To apply and to read excerpts of the online exchange from the spring of
2006, go to

2. World Citizens Guide - Great Advice for Travel Abroad

For those of you promoting international travel for students, colleagues
and community members, file this website! It is a FANTASTIC little guide,
beautifully presented, on how to travel abroad, with cultural sensitivity
and ethics.
3. New Website Calls on Youth to Speak Up

>From the UNA-USA Newsletter:

World Voices is a new project created by students at Rutgers
University-including current UNA-USA intern Nicholas Tilipman-in line with
the school's Center for Global Security and Democracy to get students
talking to other students around the world about key international issues.
Site visitors can find downloadable podcast interviews between peers from
as far away as Turkey and Uruguay on myriad topics, such as the recent
Danish cartoon controversy. Students are encouraged to get engaged in the
global dialogue by becoming a World Voices correspondent or by joining in
online discussions.

To learn more, visit

4. William Penn House seminar: Teachers of Peace

The William Penn House has a seminar this fall, Teachers of Peace:
Educating for Peace and Social Change. Designed for teachers of middle
through high school-aged students, it will take place November 2-5, 2006.
In a supportive Quaker community, seminar participants will learn about
Multi-Track Diplomacy, a holistic framework for teaching peacemaking; feed
their imaginations in sessions featuring peacemakers from a variety of
tracks; and begin creating their own peace lessons, units or courses.
Participation (20 contact hours) will count toward continuing education
requirements for licensure renewal in most school systems.

To register or for more information, please call Bernadette Odyniec at
(202) 543-5560 or go to


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