Facing History and Ourselves' fall online course

Dear educators,

Renew your commitment to growing and learning; bring content and
methodology into your classroom that will engage and transform your
students; enjoy the flexible professional development opportunity afforded
by taking an online course.

Take Facing History and Ourselves’ online course, "Holocaust and Human
Behavior," and gain full access to our in-depth professional development
services, curricular resources, and ongoing support to educators in the
areas of history, social studies, human rights education, and English
language arts.

By using the Holocaust as a case study, we raise profound moral questions
about the consequences of our actions and our beliefs, and we help our
students make connections between history and the moral choices they make
every day. While the Holocaust was a unique event in human history, the
questions remain universal.

Learn key strategies, such as how to: 
*Create a safe environment in your classroom based on trust and respect 
for different views and opinions
*Facilitate discussions around controversial topics
*Take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching this difficult history
*Help your students realize we all can make a difference; we all can 
promote human rights and social justice.

Learn more and apply for enrollment at 

Questions? Contact Jenny Bruell via email at <      >.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


John Englander
Senior Manager for Program Technology
Facing History and Ourselves
16 Hurd Rd., Brookline, MA, U.S.A. 02445


“When I was first introduced to Facing History and Ourselves I said
‘Facing History? Whose History?’ and it was only later that I
understood —our common history, that is what we are all trying to
learn.” —Elie Weisel 

“Hearing a survivor’s story in my Facing History class remains to
this day one of the most deeply affecting things that has ever
happened to me…Suddenly we were interacting with history, suddenly
there was a face on it…I owe so much to this curriculum, so much of
who I am comes out of this experience and this particular time in my
life.” —Matt Damon, Facing History Alumnus


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